Private Day Tour to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Avebury via Lacock and Wiltshire White Horse country


Our first stop is Lacock, a beautiful unspoilt village; one of the many British Harry Potter movie set locations! Lacock Abbey, is home to the discovery of the negative photographic process.


Stonehenge is the most important prehistoric archaeological site in Europe, built over 5000 years ago. There has recently been new research published with regard to how and why it may have been built.


Salisbury Cathedral is one of must stunning in the UK, has the tallest spire and has an original copy of the Magna Carta upon which the constitutions of United States and many other countries are based. It inspired the author, Ken Follett, to write the novel “Pillars of the Earth”.


On route to Avebury, we drive through part of “Wiltshire White Horse” country where, way back in history, shapes of horses were carved into hillsides revealing the chalk underneath. We pass through the delightful villages of Honey Street and Alton Barnes where there is a tiny Saxon church…..1200 years old still in use today !


The Wiltshire Market town of Marlborough is a great place to stop for “afternoon tea” and is famous for its expensive private school, “Marlborough College” where Kate Middleton was a student. The town of Marborough gives its name to all of the other “Marlboroughs” across the world !


The prehistoric stones at Avebury are the same age as those at Stonehenge, over 5000 years old. The stones are smaller but they cover a much bigger area, surrounding the small village. Nearby is Silbury Hill the largest prehistoric man-made hill in Europe and West Kennet Long Barrow, a prehistoric burial chamber both of which you can visit. This area is also famous for its “crop circles”; so-called made by aliens and coincidentally appearing when the Universities break for summer vacation !


Our Charges – we can take from one to four passengers and the charge is 550GBP for the day from a base in the Cotswolds.  The charge includes driver, van and fuel only.

We can collect and drop off at different locations please ask us to quote you for that.



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