[NOTE: – no idea why the video comes up blank but if you click on it you can see it !!!]

Well after two years of zilch, Roger and I recon this was the largest number of bikes we had ever seen at Calne Bike Meet, yesterday, Saturday 30th July 2022.

But I have limited the video because all you could see was people and bikes Ha Ha !

Very humid down there, too warm to lug yer gear around, so after a quick scout around we departed – me on my Royal Enfield Meteor and Roger on his little vintage Honda C110.

We met our old mate Dave with his vintage BSA 350 and Mike was immersed somewhere with his Meteor but we didn’t get to find him!!

Anyway you get the idea of the atmosphere from this – likely a super spreading event !!

Rob Little
Driver / Tour Guide
CotswoldTourGuide.com !


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