Originally I intended this to be a short video about the hamlet of Easton Grey but knowing that once I start on these video I just can’t stop it went on to The Fosse Way, Foxley Church and Malmesbury following The River Avon.

Wiltshire on the Edge of The Cotswolds but is not a Cotswold County. Nevertheless, Malmesbury is as perfect an example of a Cotswold town that I know of…..even though it is not strictly in “The Cotswolds”.

Easton Grey and the stretch of Fosse Way that I walked in this video are just 5 miles from my home likewise as is Foxley and Malmesbury.

Easton Grey was an important crossing point of the upper reaches of the Sherston River Avon stretching back to Roman times and probably before so this area is very historic.

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Rob Little
Driver / Tour Guide
CotswoldTourGuide.com !


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