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Visiting Prince Charles’ glorious garden at his home, “Highgrove House” near Tetbury in Gloucestershire…..!

Friday, 1st March 2019

People often say to me at the last minute, how nice it would have been to visit Prince Charles’ garden at Highgrove House, Tetbury.

If this is something you could be interested in, tickets for this year have just become available. If you are interested you need to act with haste as they sell out quickly.

Visiting Highgrove would be a most memorable part of any tour to The Cotswolds whether for just a day or for a two or three day break.

Rob Little

A bit of snow in the Cotswolds looks pretty but can cause havoc !

Sunday, 3rd February 2019

This is the second year in a row where we have had some significant snow! People often ask if we get snow in the Cotswolds to which my answer, traditionally, has been “rarely“. But maybe we are experiencing “global cooling” – some predict a new ice age in our lifetime!!

This time it was the south-west that got hit first – cars abandoned on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and seeking shelter in the historic “Jamaica Inn” of Daphne du Maurier fame!! Further north we in the Cotswolds got hit; we got 4 inches in Tetbury but some places had extreme problems with up to 10 inches….yes TEN !

Anyway….yesterday I went out with my camera….and my drone, and the Cotswolds, as always, looked beautiful!

Those of you that have travelled with me will recognise some of the places – particularly the little cottages at Arlington Row in Bibury and the stone bridge in Lower Slaughter.

Enjoy !

Rob Little
Lives in the Cotswolds…..

Public footpath across the fields near Rodmarton.

Arlington Row, Bibury

Near Northleach

The Mill at Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter from drone!


THIS……is what the Cotswolds are all about – NOT the post below!!

Saturday, 11th August 2018

Nothing more to say…..

Rob Little
Loves the Cotswolds

How d’ya fancy a day out in Boredom-on-the-Water…….? Looks popular?

Bourton on the Water or as I prefer to call it Boredom-on-the-Water…..!

Not quite the quiet floral solitude you expected when you said you wanted to visit The Cotswolds?

No visit to the Cotswolds is complete without visiting this hideous place. Popular with the hoi polloi from the interior of the British industrial Midlands who enjoy nothing more than to pile into town in their tour buses, congregate in large numbers, find a spare bit of grass and peel off their sweaty socks and dip their hot feet into the babbling River Windrush ! 😂

Yes these little towns like Bourton-on-the-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold and Morton-in-Marsh may sound quaint….but….well so does the town of Buffalo to us Brits……is Buffalo worth a visit? Sounds pretty??

This place is one of the first that people say they want to visit in the Cotswolds? Really? No thanks Rick Steves!

When it comes to The Cotswolds, trust us to take you to places you will love !

Rob Little
Has been to Buffalo…..🤮
CotswoldTourGuide.com !

One of my little Projects…..monitoring a field of Canola (we call it Oil Seed Rape) from November to May…..

Sunday, 13th May 2018

Rob Little