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Saturday, 11th August 2018

Nothing more to say…..

Rob Little
Loves the Cotswolds

How d’ya fancy a day out in Boredom-on-the-Water…….? Looks popular?

Bourton on the Water or as I prefer to call it Boredom-on-the-Water…..!

Not quite the quiet floral solitude you expected when you said you wanted to visit The Cotswolds?

No visit to the Cotswolds is complete without visiting this hideous place. Popular with the hoi polloi from the interior of the British industrial Midlands who enjoy nothing more than to pile into town in their tour buses, congregate in large numbers, find a spare bit of grass and peel off their sweaty socks and dip their hot feet into the babbling River Windrush ! 😂

Yes these little towns like Bourton-on-the-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold and Morton-in-Marsh may sound quaint….but….well so does the town of Buffalo to us Brits……is Buffalo worth a visit? Sounds pretty??

This place is one of the first that people say they want to visit in the Cotswolds? Really? No thanks Rick Steves!

When it comes to The Cotswolds, trust us to take you to places you will love !

Rob Little
Has been to Buffalo…..🤮
CotswoldTourGuide.com !

One of my little Projects…..monitoring a field of Canola (we call it Oil Seed Rape) from November to May…..

Sunday, 13th May 2018

Rob Little

A serendipitous moment…..!

Wednesday, 21st February 2018

Funny thing happened on the way to…..the Devizes White Horse, yesterday!

The Devizes White Horse is the newest of them all; cut to celebrate the Millennium and is the only one of the “horses” looking towards the right. I knew I could see it from an industrial area but it wasn’t suitable to fly….besides there was a 30,000 volt powerline in the way that I didn’t fancy flying over.

So I looked on the map and found a minor road much closer to the hill and drove up there…..a quiet road where you would not expect to see another car. With that a van drove up and parked next to me with “Wiltshire Council” written on the side. “Oh bugger” I thought…..I’m in trouble but then I thought ‘No – this is a public road and its perfectly legal to fly over farmland.‘ So I got out of the car and so did the other guy and as we exchanged greetings I asked him what he was doing and with that I was amazed to see him take out another drone…..the same as mine! Extraordinary. He said he was taking a photo of the White Horse as the council are updating all the literature about the historical sites in the county. I said I was also photographing and videoing the White Horse. He said he was visiting all of the White Horses and I said “So am I” ! Bizarre or what?

I am putting together a video of my White Horse hunting but have yet to complete the task of visiting them all. Yesterday was really too windy to fly – managed to flip the drone over on the ground in high wind but, to my relief, it is undamaged.

Rob Little
Wiltshire Tour Guide
CotswoldTourGuide.com !

The Westbury, or Bratton White Horse is the oldest in Wiltshire – it was refurbished in 1761 and local records suggest that the horse was originally cut in the late 1600s, probably to commemorate the supposed Battle of Ethandun, thought to have taken place at Bratton Camp in AD 878. In the late nineteen-fifties, it was decided that it would considerably reduce the maintenance costs if the horse were covered in concrete and painted it white. Seems a shame that they did that?

Their Tour of the Cotswolds surpassed St Pauls and Westminster Abbey!!

Friday, 2nd February 2018

As I drove them back to the railway station at the end of their Cotswold Tour, some recent Customers from Australia remarked that although it might seem crazy to say it, their day with me was even better than seeing St Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey….. That reminded me of John Lennon’s controversial remarks about The Almighty but never the less they made me feel very proud to think I’m in the making people happy business!

As we drove back through the lanes, Barry said that although he loved the grandeur of London, this….the English countryside…..was what he and his family had come here to see! And they loved the pub I picked for their lunch – the friendly and welcoming Black Horse in the village of Naunton…..and their food is fantastic !

Barry sent me a testimonial:

G’day Rob, we want to thank you for a wonderful tour of the beautiful Cotswolds. The amazing scenery along with your intimate knowledge and real passion for the area plus your insightful commentary made for a truly special experience. The locations you selected off the typical tourist trail were perfect. Thanks again for your tips and ideas for the rest of our UK holiday. When back in the UK we will definitely give you a call.

Makes life worthwhile ?

Rob Little
Driver / Tour Guide
CotswoldTourGuide.com !